Flight? Car? Cruise ship? Determine how you will get to your destination.

For international travel, the likely method of getting to your destination is flying unless you might be driving to Canada or Mexico.

Are you considering driving or taking a bus or train to your destination? If not, skip down to Flying to Your Destination. If Yes, see important information below:

Driving to Mexico

If you wish to drive into Mexico, review this advice from the state department: http://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/country/mexico.html

and this advice from an insurance company: https://www.esurance.com/info/international/guidelines-for-driving-in-mexico

You’ll need insurance for driving in Mexico, so you can get it from the esurance site above or here’s another reputable site for getting insurance: https://geseis.mexicoinsuranceonline.com/en-US/quotes/new#/

Driving to Canada

Driving in Canada is pretty similar to driving in the United States (right side of the road, call 9-1-1 for emergency). But speed limit signs are in km/hr instead of miles per hour. Be sure to call your insurance company prior to your trip to get the appropriate insurance documentation. Here is a good review of driving in canada: driving in Canada.

Taking a Bus or Train to Canada or Mexico

An alternative to driving yourself to our neighbors to the north and south is to take a bus or train. Greyhound and private companies can get to either country by bus. Amtrak can get you into certain Canadian cities by train, but does not operate into Mexico.

Flying to your Destination

There are many websites to check and book flights, such as tripadvisor.com, travelocity.com, or expedia.com to name just a few. Kayak.com allows you to compare several sites side-by-side, but some airlines do not post their flights on such sites. Another great site is www.airfarewatchdog.com.

Here is some helpful information about discount international airlines: discount airlines.

And some general tips on booking international flights: booking tips.

Finally, you might want to check out is www.cleverlayover.com which figures out for you how to combine two separate round trip flights to get a better deal.

And remember, long-haul flights can be tough on your body, both physically and mentally. Learn from experienced travelers here on making the best of a potentially grueling situation.