Determine your international travel destination

Of course, the first step in travel planning is figuring out where to go.  We want to encourage you to think more about this important decision because there is a vast world to see and only so much time to see it. Perhaps developing a list of places you want to visit, sights you want to see, or events you want to experience will help you prioritize your travel (a “bucket list”). Do you want to see the Wonders of the World? That could take you to multiple continents. Do you want to experience the FIFA Soccer World Cup or the Olympics? How about cruising the Greek Islands? What about a mission trip? If you already have your destination figured out, you’re ready to move on to Step 2. But if you want some ideas on travel, let us suggest a few ways to come up with great international travel destinations.

  1. A good travel agent can give you ideas on destinations. If you don’t know one, ask your friends who they have used. If you need more help in finding a good travel agent, try going here:
  2. You can also search the internet with terms like “great international destinations”, and you’ll find many ideas. Here’s a website that can help you pick a destination:
  3. Finally, you can let great price deals determine where you go. By signing up with an airfare alert service, you can monitor flight prices to international destinations and take action when a great price comes around for a place you’d like to go. For example, is a good site for this. Also, consumer advocate Clark Howard regularly updates travel deals on his site:

Once your destination is figured out, let’s proceed to your next step, determining your itinerary.