The Zika virus has been in the news a lot lately, and for good reason. Many people that get bitten by a mosquito that carries Zika do not get sick. However, some develop a flu-like illness that lasts for about a week. Zika has been associated with birth defects in newborn children from mothers who […]

Protecting Yourself Against Illnesses From Mosquito Bites When traveling, a major source of illness is mosquitoes that spread viruses. One mosquito species spreads Dengue, Chickungunya, and Zika viruses. Another species spreads malaria, another spreads Yellow Fever, and yet another spreads Japanese Encephalitis. Preventing mosquito bites, then, should be a high priority if you are traveling […]

I wanted to relay a true story that recently happened to a friend of mine (we’ll call him Bill, though not his real name). He was traveling with his family on a week-long spring break trip to Central America. His passport was still in date, so he figured he was good to go. However, when […]

Do you need a Yellow Fever vaccine booster dose? It depends…… For many years, if someone had received a dose of Yellow Fever vaccine, the recommendation was to get a booster dose after 10 years if that person was going to travel to a Yellow Fever risk area or to a country that requires proof […]