Going out of the country takes a lot more planning than going from, say, Georgia to Texas. But we found that many people do not plan appropriately because they don’t know how or end up spending a lot of effort searching for the necessary information. Smart Travel Clinic was founded to help you plan better and provide you with the tools necessary to accomplish the planning steps in an organized fashion. Here’s the timeline for our business development:

2004: Smart Travel Clinic Founder Larry Aull starts teaching the immunization course for pharmacy students at the University of Georgia, thus developing an interest in vaccines.

2007: Dr. Aull launches Head to Toe Research & Wellness, LLC which focuses on medical research and providing international travel vaccines.

2008-2014: Dr. Aull hears the woes of many travelers whom he counsels. Many of these customers voice frustration with finding where to get the vaccines. When asked about other aspects of travel planning, many of the customers have not thought about some of the key issues and are way behind in their planning. There has to be a better way! A vision of Smart Travel Clinic Emerges and customers say such a site would be great.

2015: Dr. Aull enlists the assistance of consultant Les Russell and Dr. Ray Wright to bring the vision of a comprehensive international travel planning website to life. Paramaya Web Consulting is brought on board for initial website construction and rollout.

May 2016: Phase I of Smarttravelclinic.com launches. Vision of Phase II emerges and will focus on providing travel health consultations and vaccine administration. We hope you find our checklist and tools useful!

Meet Our Leadership Team

Larry Aull, Co-Founder of SmartTravelClinic.com

Larry Aull, Pharm.D; Founder and President

Dr. Aull has been a practicing pharmacist for over 30 years in various roles that include hospital and retail pharmacy, pharmaceutical industry, academia, and research. He has traveled to Europe, Japan, Mexico, and Canada. He resides in Georgia.

Les Russell, Co-Founder of SmartTravelClinic.com

Les Russell, SHRM-SCP; Chief Operations Officer

Les Russell is a consultant that specializes in human resources and business development. His career encompasses over 15 years as the top human resource officer for a major retail organization. In the early part of his career he acted as a manager and later a trainer focused on leadership and organizational development. He has made presentations at conferences and served on numerous committees with Airport Council International-North America. His personal and business travel has taken him to Europe, Japan and Canada.


Ray Wright, MD; Chief Medical Officer


Dr. Ray Wright is residency-trained, board certified emergency physician with 20 years of experience. As an avid traveler and outdoor sports enthusiast, he has a keen interest in travel and wilderness medicine. Special interests include infectious disease, altitude illness, toxicology, and cardiology.


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