Visiting a foreign land can be exciting. There are some great destinations outside of the U.S., but there is a lot to know and do before you head out. And this can be intimidating.  Do you need vaccines? What are the best money strategies? How do you use your cell phone in another country? Do you need a supplemental health insurance policy? Where do you get a passport? Do you need a visa prior to travel? These questions and others make proper planning essential. Until now, there has not been an easy way to get all this information in one place. wants to be your one stop for all your international travel planning.  We have included a comprehensive checklist with timelines and links to ensure that you haven’t missed an important step.  We’ve already taken the best information on the web along with tips from experienced travelers so you don’t have to go searching all over the place. Sign up for our newsletter and get updates on great international travel information.

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